Task of the Native Schools Network

Immersion Schools for Children

The Project „Immersion Schools“ fosters schools for children learning the language and the culture of their nation in a natural way. The communication between these schools moderates the exchange of experience and knowledge of the „First Nations“.

The connecting principle of all the schools is „Immersion“. Language and cultural knowledge is used to teach the language itself (see FAQ).Maori Class

Children are the future of culture and bearer of hope for the entire mankind. The happiness of the children and the following contentedness of the grown ups is substantially dependent on the possibilities they achieve in their education. Let us take care of their happy childhood to expand their possibilities as adults.

The entire world needs a paradigma of a creative and nature related culture. When globalism has lost the game, a new game with new rules has to be introduced. This new deal has to take care of natural resources, family and community development. The project „Native Schools“ has the goal to reverse the trend.