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[img_assist|nid=33|title=Preschool Children|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=249|height=146]Many Friends are supporting me to establish the Native School Network. I thank You for Your help, encouragement and support. Some of them have their own website.

My wife has written a blog on their Site reporting our stay in the USA from Mai to August 2008 in words and pictures. From the reservation in Pine Ridge we put nearly no pictures in the Web. The poverty, the sorrowful circumstances and the undignified life of the Lakota benumbed our finger at the camera. We respect the dignity of the Native People.

Dirk Rohrbach fascinated us years ago with his lectures about his journeys to the reservation. Due to his report about the "Last Chief" Leonard Little Finger we made our journeys to get more information about Leonards school project.

Henning Prox organizes donation journeys to people of the First Nations and supports the idea of the network. His activities are currently aiming at the Aborigines in Australia. I hope he will contribute even more School Projects he visited personally to the Network.

They call themselves a tribe. A group of German people who support the School Project of Leonard Little Finger in Pine Ridge. Together with the group I visited Pine Ridge reservation in 2007. Since we shared this experience we meet regularly for discussions, reassuring each other and making further plans.

The founder and leader of the organisation "Mission of Love" is Kathleen Price. She coordinates some hundred volunteers to work in their spare time.They are building houses for the poorest people, giving them new hope and faith into their future. Mission of Love organizes thousands of supporting deliveries all over the world every year. We met her in Pine Ridge and she encouraged us very much to go on with our school network.



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