Intention of Native Schools Net

Intention of Native Schools Net

Native Schools Net is another information base to give voice to neglected and suppressed cultures.

The pattern of suppression by western dominating culture can be observed all over the world. This development should only be noted here. Many books, speeches, movies, and websites are denouncing the past and actual injustice. We will point from this site to such detailed information and at the most cite some passages and/or translate them.
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It is not intended to state once more how socially disadvantaged the suppressed nations are. We want to emphasize their creative advantages outside the western technical culture. Inside the dominant culture the structures are carburized. Society is inflexible and trapped in their circular crises. The suppressed culture either has no cyclic crises or finds itself in a continuous crisis.

If sugar prices decline or interest rates rise, if car sales stagnate or oil prices explode. if banks went bankrupt or striker paralyze economy – nothing will change for the suppressed nations. This statement holds true “ceteris paribus” – as economists use to express it.

Native Schools Net is a platform for the voices of strong, creative people outside the western culture. We learn from this creative people important lessons to survive in and with every nation and society. We learn how this nations draw from the wealth of nature without destroying the foundation of their existence. We give time and space to creativity.

Economy is to a great extend responsible for the might that is wielded over the First Nations and their culture. Economy is part of the problem, not of the solution. If resources are only input into economy, if men has only to “function” in economic respects, if money decides about the fate of men, land and nations, if money is the yardstick for the application of ethics and moral, then every quality vanishes out of life and culture. If economy enters the game, quality disappears. What is left is “the greatest happiness of the greatest number“ (Jeremy Bentham).

On this website no money will be collected, nobody is allowed to donate money.

Ideas, field reports, peers, and positive examples will be collected, if anything. Everyone who shares this spirit is welcome to link from his website to Native Schools Net.

Create synergies with the complementary culture of the First Nations!