Network Schools

Network Schools[img_assist|nid=22|title=Somali Children|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=237|height=161]

Schools Native Net accepts only „Immersion Schools“ teaching the language and the culture of the „First Nations“. The focal point is the culture. Pure language schools will not be introduced to the network. We will select schools where young children of kindergarten age are being educated in their native culture. They shall bear their old culture on and on into the future. It is understood that they will be trained in their own language.

Every School introduces herself with a short description. Schools Native Net shall see the persons behind the school, the age and some pictures of the school, and the curriculum and the equipment of the school.

Contact information is published to promote the cooperation of the schools with each other and with interested website visitors.

In Europe and Germany the interest and sympathy for the Native Schools is very high, even more intense than even the initiators and operating people would expect. Even in Germany there are Immersion Schools for children learning languages like: Friesisch, Sorbisch or Koelsch. Therefore I provide this website with the two languages English and German.