Goals of the Internet Project

The Goal of NativeSchools.net

The goal of the project activities is to build a

Community for People with Interest in the Culture of the „First Nations“.

There are some sub-goals to be achieved and the Native Web Community should also support the respective issues:

  • Information in German and Englisch about Immersion-Schools
  • Supporting the „Immersion Schools“  to preserve and teach the Native Culture
  • Connecting schools and exchange knowledge
  • Collect and spread information
  • Exchange experiences
  • Organizing journeys and visits to the schools
  • Showing corollary material for visiting groups
  • A sign in the spirit of humanity
  • Share strength

[img_assist|nid=23|title=|desc=Aborigine Children|link=none|align=left|width=134|height=119]In the course of the project and the growth of the community will arise more possibilities, needs and opportunities. The timeline will consider the fact that the medium offers new opportunities in the future. The development will go further stepwise, so the response to the first launching of the community will improve the system in the next version. The community will grow according to the needs and the wishes of the participants.