Schools in the Network

Immersion Schools from all over the world will be introduced here on the website. We endeavour to proof the schools as correct as possible. To intrduce a school into the network, they have to fulfil some criteria:  [img_assist|nid=62|title=Preschool Children|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=317|height=183]

  • Schools teach children already in preschool age.
  • The Schools are operating. They have children, teacher and a curriculum.
  • Children are taught in their native language (Immersion).
  • The School itself is a nonprofit organization (recognized as nonprofit).
  • The School has an organisational framework and a contact person.

[In the starting phase you will find probably some schools on the website who might not fulfil all the criteria. This is for demonstration purposes only.]

The information about the schools on the webpage are the official ones from their webpage. The schools are informed that this is only for demonstration purposes.